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Christmas Light Recycling

When purchasing new lights, consider energy saving and long-lasting LED lights. You can also recycle your old broken lights at the Ben Weitsman scrap metal yard, 300 Smith Boulevard, Albany, NY 12202. Phone: (518) 462-4444.

Or, HolidayLEDs offers customers a chance to recycle their old incandescent holiday lights and receive a 15% coupon discount on any purchase of new, energy efficient LED holiday lights from their website. NOTE: According to their website, the program opens in October and closes at the end of February. For more information, visit their web site at http://www.holidayleds.com/christmas-light-recycling-program.aspx.

Light strands are barely biodegradable (if at all). Plastic and wire can take hundreds or thousands of years to decompose. Not to mention the risk to the animals that rummage in and near our landfills. Just as the plastic rings that bind 6-packs of cola can strangle small creatures, so can Christmas lights, turning a thing of joy in our homes into a killer in nature.

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Have you heard of the Teal Pumpkin Project?

Every child should be able to experience the joy and tradition of trick-or-treating on Halloween. But kids with food allergies are often left out of the fun, since most candy is off limits. Food Allergy Research & Education’s Teal Pumpkin Project helps make sure all children will come home on Halloween night or from Halloween events with something they can enjoy. It just takes one simple act: offering non-food treats, such as glow sticks or small toys, as an alternative to candy. To participate, place a teal pumpkin or sign in front of your home for trick-or-treaters to see. You can paint your own teal pumpkin or pick one up at local retailers such as Target. Stock up on small non-food treats, such as glow sticks or bubbles, and watch the magic happen as children who normally wouldn’t be able to participate get to experience the fun of Halloween! Please visit FARE’s website for more information and for printable information guides and yard signs.




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