The Village of Colonie is committed to being a “Place to be Proud of”, and we believe that recycling is one way that we can make our residents proud. There is no extra fee for our residents to have their garbage, brush and recycling picked up, it is all included in their taxes. We want to make every effort to conserve our resources, and spend our money wisely. Did you know that it costs less for us to discard materials at a recycling center than it does at a dump? The more we dispose of at the recycling center, the less we have to pay to dump trash at another facility. These savings help us to continue to provide our Village with extra services that surrounding areas have to pay for. We want to continue to do a service to our community and the environment. Will you help?

Recycling in the Village:

For our curbside residential recycling pickup, we use Single Stream Recycling: That means that you can put all your recyclables into one container. That includes all glass, plastic, paper and broken-down cardboard. All we ask is that you rinse your recyclables of food first and please don’t bag anything in plastic. Recycling is put out the same morning as your garbage to make things easier.

Other ways to Recycle in the Village:

You can drop off redeemable bottles and cans at the Family Recreation Center. These bottles are collected by the Village Boy Scout Troop and used to fund their activities and summer camps.

If you have any clothes or home items, you can call the Outreach Center at 518-218-1030 to see if they are accepting items for families in need in the Village.

Contact Information

Chris Ciota

Chris Ciota

Assistant Superintendent

Contact Information


Chris Ciota has been the Assistant Superintendent of Public Works since September of 2023. Chris assists the Superintendent with overseeing the Public Works Department.  Prior to his appointment as Assistant Superintendent, Chris also held the following positions: laborer, equipment operator I, equipment operator II, MS4 Officer, Recycling Coordinator, & Highway/Sanitation Foreman. Chris is a life-long resident of the Village of Colonie and a graduate of Christian Brothers Academy. He has a bachelor’s degree from Franklin Pierce University and has been an employee with the Village since 2004. Chris takes great pride in contributing to the Village community and raising his family here.

Terms to know:

Precycle – Making the choice to reduce waste by choosing and buying items that are unpackaged, reusable or recyclable. For example, bringing your own container and purchasing grains from the bulk section of the grocery store, instead of in a pre-wrapped container that would be thrown in trash when it was consumed.

Reduce – Making the conscious effort to reduce the amount of garbage that you produce. That could mean using a reusable lunch box and food container every day instead of paper and plastic bags that you would normally throw away.

Reuse – Giving items a second life. Using items more than once instead of throwing them away. For example, reusing glass food jars to store small items, paint or other food.

Recycle – Taking appropriate items and giving them a second life by putting them in recycle bins.

Refuse – To refuse using or purchasing items that you know you can’t reuse or recycle. For example, Styrofoam

Compost – Is organic matter and vegetable waste that has decomposed to create a great plant fertilizer. Many people compost in their own backyard!

Single Use – Items that are used for one purpose that cannot be reused or recycled. Examples include; medical syringes, light bulbs, toilet paper, cotton swabs, contact lenses, razors, toothbrushes & dental floss.

Wish-cycling –This is when someone puts questionable items in a recycling bin hoping that they are recyclable. Knowing for sure is important, and putting items in the recycle bin that aren’t recyclable does more harm than good. If you really don’t know if an item is recyclable or not, it’s best to put it in the trash.

Contaminated – When someone says that recycled items are “contaminated” they aren’t talking about how well you rinsed your recyclables. They are talking about putting only recyclables in the recycling bins. While rinsing and wiping out containers is important, even more so is making sure you only put correct items in the recycling bin.  Contaminated means that when there is a large batch of recycled items at a recycling center, there are items mixed in that are not recyclable and that “contaminates” the entire load. Companies that purchase recycled materials for their products will not purchase recyclable batches that are overly contaminated. These rejected batches could end up in the landfill. The less contaminated a batch is, the more valuable it is to producers, which means the likelihood of it being remade into another product and out of our landfills is much greater! This is why it is so important to only put items in the recycle bin that you know for certain can be recycled.


Batteries such as AA, AAA or D should be disposed of in the trash.

All needles and medical syringes should be disposed of safely in a biohazard waste box. You can drop it off at the DPW, but please put the needles in a hard container such as a glass or plastic bottle.

We have a special service that recycles our lights. Call the DPW to set up a drop off time. 518-869-6372.

Car batteries should be returned to automotive garages (ex: Jiffy Lube or Pep Boys) for proper disposal.

Can be returned to Suburban propane on Fuller Rd. DO NOT put into the garbage.

Engine Oil should be dropped off at automotive garages such as Jiffy Lube.

Old clothing, that is still in good condition, can be donated to local charities. You can call the Outreach Center to see if they are currently accepting items for Village families in need. 518-218-1030.

Real Christmas trees can be placed curbside after the holiday season and the Village will come by and pick up your dead tree. We mulch the trees and use the leftovers. Fake trees can be placed curbside in trash bags for trash pick-up.

Contact your local pharmacy to ask about drop off locations and/or how to properly dispose of medications. DO NOT flush any thing or dump it down the sink. Different drugs can actually pass through treatment plants and flow into our rivers and lakes.

If you’ve donated what you can and recycled what you are able, but still have large items that won’t fit into the trash. Residents in the Village can participate in one heavy-item pick up per year. Restrictions apply, so be sure to call DPW at 518-869-6372 for instructions on how to set one up.

The Village of Colonie deposits our recycling at Sierra Processing.

Community Links:

For recycling electronics please visit the Town of Colonie’s website for drop off location, availability and dates.

Hazardous waste please visit the Town of Colonie’s website to check for available dates and preregister.