Moratorium on Water Service Termination, Moratorium on Water Relevy, and Opportunity for Deferred Payment Agreements

The Village Hall office staff is run by Village Clerk/Assessor, Jamie Blot. The staff is responsible for sending and receiving Village tax, water and sewer bills. They also handle the receipt and payment of all Village expenditures and budget issues. The office personnel handle the daily walk-in or phone-in concerns of the Village residents.

Additionally, they provide clerical support to the Village Departments and Commissions.

Other Services provided by Village Hall:


Notary services are available at the Village office during regular business hours.  Residents must provide government issued ID. There is no charge for this service.


Please use the form under the form sections for change of owner of mailing address. All owner/address change should be submitted to the Village Clerk, Jamie Blot either by mail at: Village Hall, 2 Thunder Road, Albany, NY 12205 attention: Jamie Blot; in person at: 2 Thunder Road, Albany, NY 12205; by fax at: (518) 464-0389; or by email to:


Please note all bills and claims to the Village of Colonie must be accompanied by a completed voucher. The voucher may be downloaded from the forms area or may be obtained from the Village Hall. No payments can be made without the Name, Address, Itemized Description, Quantity and Price listed and the certification signed and dated. All bills and claims should be submitted either by mail at: Village Hall, 2 Thunder Road, Albany, NY 12205 or in person at: 2 Thunder Road, Albany, NY 12205; by fax at: (518) 464-0389; or by email to:


The Freedom of Information Law allows residents and the public access to a majority of Village of Colonie records. There are some exceptions. To learn more about FOIL and Open Meetings Law, visit . To submit a FOIL request, please use the form in our forms area or obtain the form from Village Hall. All FOIL requests should be submitted to the Village Clerk, Jamie Blot either by mail at: Village Hall, 2 Thunder Road, Albany, NY 12205 attention: Jamie Blot; in person at: 2 Thunder Road, Albany, NY 12205; by fax at: (518) 464-0389; or by email to:


Village Clerk, Jamie Blot is also the Village Assessor. The Village of Colonie has its own assessment unit, separate from the Town of Colonie. The taxable status date for the Village of Colonie is January 1st of each year. We receive several deeds each year and review them for any changes that may need to be made regarding boundaries, parcel sizes and transferring of ownership. The assessor also reviews any building permits filed before January 1st of each year and determines if the permit adds value to the assessment of the parcel and adjusts the amounts accordingly. A copy of such permits is kept with the tentative assessment roll for that year. A tentative assessment roll is made and produced by February 1st each year. Any changes to existing parcels, the business owner or resident receives a letter stating such changes. The Village of Colonie holds a grievance night, every year, the third Tuesday in February from 4:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. The final assessment roll is made and produced by April 1st each year.

The Tentative and Final Assessment Rolls are indexed by roll sections, starting with roll section 1, and then alphabetically by street address, within each roll section.

KEEP IN MIND: exemptions shown on the Village of Colonie tentative and final assessment rolls are subject to change.

For any questions regarding assessments or to request forms or additional information about grievance, please contact Jamie Blot at 518-869-7562 or by e-mail at


View 2021 Final Assessment Roll

Village Hall

  • 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday (except holidays)

  • 2 Thunder Road Albany, NY 12205

  • Jamie Blot, Village Clerk

Meet the Village Hall Staff

Jamie Blot

Jamie Blot

Village Clerk/Assessor

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Jamie Blot has been the Village Clerk/Assessor since July 2016. Prior to her appointment to the position of Clerk/Assessor, Jamie also held the following positions within the Village of Colonie: Deputy Clerk, Deputy Treasurer, Youth and Recreation Assistant. Jamie has been an employee of the Village of Colonie since June 2003. Other than her roles of Clerk and Assessor, Jamie is the Registrar of Vital Records, Water/Sewer Billing Clerk, Tax Billing Clerk, Chief election officer for Village elections and is a Notary Public. Jamie is responsible for the issuance of FOIL requests, Peddler’s Permits and Water on/off requests. Jamie is also the Payroll administrator and human resources person. Jamie also served as a board member of the South Colonie School Board of Education from 2018-2019. She is a lifetime resident of Colonie, where she lives with her husband and three sons.

Christina Secor

Christina Secor

Village Treasurer

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Christina Secor was appointed as Village of Colonie Treasurer in 2021. She is also the Deputy Assessor for the Village. Prior to her position as Village Treasurer, Christina was the Deputy Treasurer and Village Administrative Assistant. Christina has been a Village employee since October 2018. She is a resident of the Village of Colonie and a lifelong resident of Colonie. Christina is a Colonie Central High school graduate. Married with a daughter, she has been in the hospitality and service industry for 15 years. She is also a New York State Licensed Real Estate agent. Working in the service industry has engrained a hard work ethic and attention to detail.

Courtney Sim

Courtney Sim

Administrative Assistant

Contact Information


Courtney Sim has been an Administrative Assistant for the Village Hall since March of 2021. Prior to that she was an administrative assistant for the Department of Public Works since April of 2014. She assisted with the implementation of our water meter development program and assists with the water meter reading process. Courtney maintains the fuel management program for the Department of Public Works and helps to maintain the Department of Public Works fleet. Courtney is a graduate of Guilderland High School and has an associate’s degree from Hudson Valley Community College. Courtney spearheads the annual “Bears, Blankets & Books to Boston: fundraiser for the Boston Children’s Hospital. She is also an active contributor to the following organizations: CHD Awareness, Boston Children’s Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, Red Cross and Animal Shelters.