If you know of a Village of Colonie child, who’s birthday has been canceled due to COVID-19 quarantine, please reach out to us and our Village of Colonie Fire Department will drive by on their birthday to give them something to smile about! Please submit the following information to: villagehall@colonievillage.org

Child’s NameChild’s Address (or address the child will be located at on their birthday, must be village address, Date of Birth, & Contact information consisting of your name and phone number for scheduling purposes. Please note: we will make our best attempt to do our drive by on the actual date of birth. We wish everyone who has a birthday during this time a very safe and happy day!

Have some spare time on your hands? Fill out the 2020 Census and be counted! By completing the Census, you help the Village receive funding that is used to serve you! These federal funds can be used to help with schools, roads and other public services. It also helps represent you in government. The numbers collected help determine how many seats each state has in Congress and at all levels of government. It is quick and easy to fill out, about ten minutes. It’s confidential, so your information and privacy are protected. Please remember that once you start the questionnaire, you must finish it, otherwise it won’t be counted. Thank you for doing your part to be counted and keep the Village a place to be proud of! 

Visit my2020census.gov today!