Our Facility Rentals are for Village Residents/Businesses Only

Are you a Village resident or business? Check our maps to confirm before calling: Google Map  Village Map

If you are searching for a venue for an event and our facilities are unavailable to you, we recommend inquiring with the Town of Colonie, Fuller Road Fire Department or Midway Fire Department for other facility rentals that are open to the public. 


The Village of Colonie has four facilities that are available for Village residents and businesses to rent. If you would like to book a facility or get more information, you can contact Brian Casey at the Family Recreation Center at 518-218-7782.

Once you have reserved a date, the renter (Village resident/business owner only) has 10 business days to come into the Family Recreation Center to fill out the permits. If the permit is not completed by the renter in that time, the date will be released. Once the permits have been approved,  the renter will be called by Village staff to come in within 10 business days and submit payment (and insurance if required). If payment is not paid by the renter in that time, the date will be released. Once payment has been received, the renter will then receive a copy of their permit.

Every time a facility is rented, there are two parts to the pricing: a fee and a security deposit. The security deposit for all facilities is $150, which is refundable as long as the facility has been cleaned and no damage has been done. Staff will go over a checklist with the renter at their event to make sure all used areas have been cleaned properly. Rental fees for Village residents and Village businesses, which are listed below, are nonrefundable. If you are renting for a business or organization, you will be charged the business rate. Checks must be made out to the Village of Colonie. They must have the name of the renter (Village resident/business) and event date on it. Some events will require the Village to be listed as additionally insured.


After your event, staff will fill out a cleaning checklist. This list will be verified with Brian Casey during the following week. All deposits will be mailed back to the Village resident/business listed on the contract.

Tom Gentile Pavilion (Cook Park Pavilion)

  • Fee for Residents: $250

  • Fee for Businesses/Organizations: $300

  • In the back of Cook Park by the duck pond and highway.

  • 170 people Max Occupancy

  • Available Spring to Late Fall. Any day of the week until 9pm. Bookings begin the first week in January.

  • This pavilion is our most popular, it has a full working kitchen and 28 indoor picnic tables. Windows and doors can be opened or closed for whatever the weather holds. There is a volleyball net, picnic tables, horseshoe area and charcoal barbecues outside. Bathrooms are located right outside the door in a separate building and are handicap accessible.

Michael J. Aidala Pavilion (Sharon Drive Pavilion)

  • Fee for Residents: $200

  • Fee for Businesses/Organizations: $250

  • It is located in Cook Park and can only be reached by vehicle at the entrance off of Sharon Drive. The same location as our summer Farmers Market.

  • 88 people Max Occupancy

  • Available Spring to October. Any day of the week until 9pm. Bookings begin the first week in January.

  • Sharon Drive Pavilion is the lesser known rental in Cook Park. There is a full kitchen and handicap accessible bathrooms inside. There are 11 indoor picnic tables, a volleyball net, horseshoe pit and a charcoal barbecue outside. Windows have metal blinds that can be opened or closed for the weather.

Ralph E. Warren Pavilion (Pole Barn)

  • Fee for Residents: $100

  • Fee for Businesses/Organizations: $150

  • In Cook Park privately located back behind the Amphitheater, near the baseball fields.

  • 102 people Max Occupancy

  • Available Spring to October. Any day of the week until 9pm. Bookings begin the first week of January.

  • It is an open-air pavilion, there are no bathrooms located directly next to it, but you can use the public bathrooms by the Cook Pavilion. It has 17 picnic tables and several charcoal barbecues.

Family Recreation Center

  • Fee for Residents: $200

  • Fee for Businesses/Organizations: $250

  • 3 Thunder Rd, directly behind the Colonie Fire House.

  • 1,145 standing/840 sitting Max Occupancy

  • Available all year round. Weekdays from 6pm-11pm, Saturdays from 4pm-11pm & Sundays anytime until 11pm.

  • It has a full kitchen and handicap accessible bathrooms. The area for parties is the entire basketball gym. It is heated and air conditioned, which makes it a great idea for any time of year. Can be rented for meetings, practices, large events or parties.

Rules & Regulations for All Facilities:

  • Permit Holder MUST bring in their own kitchen utensils, including pots, pans, and paper products.
  • Permit Holder MUST clean up after each function including emptying garbage and placing trash in designated area, includes replacing trash liners, supplied by the Village.
  • All events have a time limit. They must be cleaned and vacated by 9:00pm for the pavilions and 11:00pm for the Family Recreation Center.
  • Alcohol is permitted at the facilities, however no glass bottles. Persons consuming alcohol MUST be of legal age.
  • All rooms, facilities and/or equipment shall be left in the same condition as found. The Permit Holder will be responsible for any damage to Village property. Any violation may result in immediate revocation of permit and will prohibit future rentals. All vehicles will be parked in the proper parking spots.
  • Fire doors, exits, and lanes must NOT be blocked.
  • Permission to use Village facilities does not mean Village sponsorship. Liability and responsibility for injury and property damage lies with the requiting Permit Holder. Such organizations and/or its agents agree to hold harmless and to defend and indemnify the Village of Colonie for any claims, actions or proceedings which arise out of such use of Village facilities.
  • The Village of Colonie may request the Permit Holder to present a certificate of insurance naming the Village of Colonie as “Additional insured”. Such certificates shall provide coverage acceptable to the Village. Proof of such insurance coverage must be filed with the Youth and Family Services at the Family Recreation Center BEFORE a permit will be issued.
  • The Village of Colonie reserves the right to cancel any activity/use or to reassign an area as needed.
  • The Village of Colonie resident signing this permit shall be held personally responsible for any and all damages occurring to the assigned facility. This Resident MUST be in attendance during the even and will be contacted by employee.
  • A staff number will be provided in case of emergency.
  • All fees must be paid by Permit Holder
  • Permit Holder must show proper I.D.
  • There is a $20 return check fee.